Save Our City Austin | Background
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Save Our City Austin, Inc. (our nickname is “SOCA”) is a nonprofit organization based in Austin, Texas. It has been founded by a group of diverse citizens who have a common goal of keeping and making Austin a livable city that addresses the needs and aspirations of ALL of its citizens, not just a privileged few.


SOCA aims to build a strong, geographically diverse, multi-cultural coalition within the entire city of Austin to promote policies to maintain and improve the lives of our citizens. We do it first by developing strategies and providing resources within our coalition to address specific, pressing public policy issues.

Initially, we are focusing on the following:

  • affordable housing for all
  • lobby reform and transparency in government
  • preserving our neighborhoods,
  • protecting our environment and our taxpayers from unsound transportation policies
  • promoting effective growth planning and management of the City’s business

Board of Directors

  • Linda Bailey
  • Bill Bunch
  • James B. Duncan
  • P. Michael Hebert
  • Mary Ingle
  • Patricia King
  • Mike Lavigne
  • Fred I. Lewis, President
  • Dr. Fred L. McGhee
  • Carmen Llanes Pulido
  • Casey Ramos
  • Ed Wendler, Jr.