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Key Points on Affordability

Imagine Austin could not be more clear in its mandate that “the consequences and impact of additional density and infill in existing neighborhoods must be carefully identified and analyzed to avoid endangering the existing character of neighborhoods and exacerbating community health and safety issues.”...


Sample Post #1

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Austin Rental Registration 5 – 2 in Favor

A Resolution by Council Members Tovo and Martinez for a pilot rental registration program passed 5 to 2 vote at June 6, 2013 Austin City Council Meeting--Mayor Leffingwell and Councilman Spelman voting against. The areas included in the pilot rental registration program are Rundberg, East Riverside/Oltorf...


The Domino Effect of Dorm-Style Duplexes

The multitude of nuisance, safety and traffic problems that dorm-style housing generates is absolutely incompatible with family neighborhoods and can have a rapid devastating impact on single-family neighborhoods. Mike Wong, president of Northfield Neighborhood Association stated that his neighborhood has lost 10 single-family homes since...