Save Our City Austin | Safety Concerns from Lee Elementary Community
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Safety Concerns from Lee Elementary Community

Safety Concerns from Lee Elementary Community

This brief video, created by a fifth grader at Lee Elementary, highlights the concerns that parents have about the safety of children walking and biking to school, which is directly across from a proposed dorm-style duplex development on Harris Avenue.

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  • Natalie Axe

    May 9, 2013 at 3:13 pm Reply

    From the mouths of babes… What an incredible, compelling video. This young man, at least at this point, is exhibiting a far more intelligent, community responsive viewpoint than our elected officials, and the bureaucrats that are ostensibly there to serve them and by extension, the city and it’s neighborhoods. I can only hope and pray that someone in the City will listen to him, and recognize the implications of this proposed development. What a hero for us all!

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