Save Our City Austin | Trash, Parties and Rats
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Trash, Parties and Rats

Trash, Parties and Rats

I live across E. 35th from a super duplex/stealth dorm. Six bedrooms, three baths and a kitchen on each side. Parking in tandem would keep all 12 tenants’ vehicles off the street. Parking in tandem occurs ONLY where tenants are hosting a party. Otherwise tenants find parking on the street much more convenient, and so that is their habit, except of late, where they have also taken to parking in the part of their yard easily accessed from the alley. Our two-lane street became reduced to one-lane, with parking on both sides.

The current group in this “hotel for student transients” is the nicest we’ve had, but previous (and future, no doubt) groups have plagued the neighborhood with their outrageously loud parties — besides having sleep disturbed so much that calling 911 is the only recourse, I am reduced to parking in my own yard just to be closer than several blocks away from my own home, and I spend time the next day removing beer bottles, cups, and all manner of trash from my yard. Tenants have included many “not my job” individuals, and so trash and recycling bins a) aren’t taken to the street; b) aren’t removed from the street.

Don’t forget the vermin. I’ve lived at in the same location since 1986. Last week I discovered evidence that rats have made my attic their home. Evicting them will cost me $700, followed by quarterly fees of ~$70 each to check how rodent-proof my house might remain.

The fault here is the rental property behind my house. No fewer than 13 tenants, all quite comfortable with leaving their garbage, spilled from their bins and bags out in the alley. I know of 2 other neighbor residences now with rats. For the first time ever.

-Judy Edmiston

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