Save Our City Austin | Victory on Stealth Dorms Resolution at ANC and More Action Needed
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Victory on Stealth Dorms Resolution at ANC and More Action Needed

Victory on Stealth Dorms Resolution at ANC and More Action Needed

Congratulations to everyone who helped craft the Stop Stealth Dorms Resolution presented to the Austin Neighborhood Council (ANC) on Wednesday, June 26, 2013, especially Mike Wong and the Northfield Neighborhood Association. It was a big victory, but our work doesn’t stop there.

Council Member Kathy Tovo attended Wednesday’s meeting. She witnessed the citywide support to stop wayward development that threatens single-family neighborhoods in Central Austin. To show our gratitude for her time Wednesday night and to support both Council Member Martinez and her rental registration pilot program, visit the Austin Code Compliance website to express your concerns.

Rental registration is an important component of enforcing the code changes that Stop Stealth Dorms seeks, in three critical ways:

1.  Provides a record of who is on the lease so Code Compliance can investigate whether more than six unrelated adults are living at that location.
2.  Provides local contact information so neighbors will be able to communicate with the landlord about trash and other problems.
3.  Places stealth dorm compliance on a high priority list for Code Compliance and the City Manager so more resources will be directed at the problem, including the Austin Police Department.

As a final note, we also want to thank the folks at Safer Housing Austin and North Austin Civic Association. Please visit their websites to learn more. Their work on housing issues that Austinites face is critical. We thank them for their leadership on the rental registration pilot program. They are on the front lines to keep our neighborhoods safe and clean.

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