Save Our City Austin | What the Neighbors Are Saying
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What the Neighbors Are Saying

What the Neighbors Are Saying

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“This is happening in my neighborhood. I have two young boys (5 & 2 years old) and I am very concerned about the safety and quality of life in my neighborhood and the dangers posed by stealth dorms.” — Brad Benton

“We are happy to share our neighborhood with students. However, these large dorm-like “duplexes” change the character of our streets and our neighborhood. Single families are unwilling to purchase homes next to them and streets slowly shift to rentals and lower the property values of those of us who remain. Please enforce the codes and prevent more of these monstrous and messy structures from being built!” — Mity Myhr

“I am librarian at Lee and see so many students walking, riding bikes and negotiating the streets already crowded with parked cars and zipping traffic later in day. This neighborhood was never meant for these crowded conditions. Protect the historical purpose of the Hyde Park area by supporting the family concept of housing!” — Suzanne Wofford

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